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Amerus Life Insurance Company

Amerus Life Insurance Company

The AmerUs Premium Team is one of the most well-known physicians’ life insurance company policy providers in the world. That offers annuities and other AmerUs life insurance company policy items.

Its primary subsidiaries are Economical Benefit Aviva and AmerUs life insurance for seniors over 80 company organizations and united states Traders Insurance.

AmerUs Life Insurance Company Rates?

The AmerUs team’s most famous item is its equity-linked annuity. And its fixed-rate west coast life insurance policy.

In fact, a majority of the total annuity revenue for the AmerUs Team comes from these two types of annuities.

The central source of the AmerUs team is about 4000. A strong type of marketing provider that sells organizational items to pensions. And benefits market in the nation a market that is ever-growing.

AmerUs Life Insurance Company
AmerUs Life Insurance Company

Life insurance in the US is starting to become a big deal. In the past, no one thought it was right to buy life insurance. In fact, some people thought buying it was a waste of money.

Current events such as 9/11 have awakened Americans to the realization. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. That’s why it’s always good to be prepared.

As the life insurance market grows. It’s no surprise that more and more life insurance companies are popping up. With so many companies out there, it’s hard to know which one is best for you. That’s why customers should always try to shop online or in person.

Find a company that you think might be the one and find out that their price is not that expensive. When comparing it to others will give you a lot of confidence to sign with them.

Globe Life Final Expense Insurance Over 80

Also similarly popular are the west coast life insurance plan items that the organization offers to clients through its collaboration tie-ups with other banking organizations. Central life assurance society mutual Des Moines Iowa.

AmerUs obtained AmVestors by buying its shares through shares and shares for $361 thousand in the season 1997. So now, the primary subsidiaries of AARP economic organization such as the United States traders sales team, Inc.

Physicians life insurance company

United states Amerus life insurance over 80 no medical exam companies, Inc., Omni-Tech Medical, Inc., and AmVestors Investment Team, Inc. are operating under the management of the AARP Premium Team.

And, after its purchase of AmVestors, the AmerUs Premium Team created a greater position for itself in the benefits and pension market.

Aviva Life Insurance Company Offers

Aviva Life Insurance Company offers only two types of life insurance to New York residents. Total Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance are the only two policies. Aviva has designed for New Yorkers.

That is, there is no term life insurance, and anyone who purchases either of these two types is covered for life. On the other hand, in the rest of the United States, there are many choices when it comes to life insurance policies.

Below is an overview of these options. Most of these products were offered when the company merged with AmerUS. So the products are identical for both companies.

  • index life insurance
  • Universal life insurance
  • Single premium life
  • Index survivor universal life
  • Level premium period insurance
  • Excess interest life insurance

As you can see, Aviva has a wide range of products for the general public and is very flexible in the options it offers its customers. Although they have a global business, US customers will feel safe with this company. Aviva Life Insurance Company is and will continue to push the boundaries of the life insurance business.

If you think Aviva Life Insurance Company is right for your life insurance needs. Please consult a qualified life insurance professional. They can help you compare quotes from the best companies. View complaints from Aviva life insurance companies. See your state’s performance against other top companies.

Life Insurance Monthly Quotes For 75 Yr Mom

AmVestors, which was a Reliastar life insurance organization dedicated to the sale of various items of annuity created. AmerUs Team is a major gamer in the annuity market and assisted it to set up as one of the most important Reliastar life insurance organizations in the nation.

Life insurance company of the southwest

AmerUs Life Holdings, Inc. recognized due to a reorganization that took place within the United states Common term life insurance over 75 to 80 no medical exam quotes. AmerUs Lifestyle Holdings, Inc went on to become US’s first mutual insurance policy company.

Life Insurance Monthly Quotes
Life Insurance Monthly Quotes

While with large numbers of clients and even more term life insurance quotes policy plans along with annuity items, the organization has achieved incredible levels of success. The AmerUs annuity agreements are considered to be one of the most efficient and eye-catching in the nation today.

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AmerUs obtained by Aviva PLC. An English west coast life insurance policy company. $2.9 big deal took up by Aviva in order for it. To flourish its achieve in the United States market.

This was one of the most popular west coast life insurance products. In the reputation of Aviva because of its skills mixed along with the AmerUs Premium submission. So, achieve designed for successful development in the US market development.

Senior Life Insurance Company Ratings

AmerUs Life insurance Company is recommended for everyone, including seniors. Unfortunately, most seniors are reluctant to purchase insurance. They often assume the odds of getting the right plan at competitive rates are slim.

Senior Life Insurance Company Ratings
Senior Life Insurance Company Ratings

But with so many insurance providers. Seniors are more likely to buy affordable seniors life insurance. By comparing insurance quotes for seniors products derived from different providers. You can get a guaranteed plan for seniors. Factors to consider when choosing an affordable plan for seniors include:

  • Applied area
  • Company reputation
  • Comparison site

To figure out the insurance coverage you need. Consider your total savings, years left until retirement, annual income, investments, mortgage, and the number of grandchildren. This provides a surefire way to buy enough coverage for less money.

Aviva Life And Annuity Company

A fixed annuity, set catalog annuity postponed annuity, immediate annuity, take your puck and AmerUs has the option for you.

Hence, with countless numbers of clients increasing the life insurance for seniors over 75 companies of the southwest plan family of AmerUs every season. You can rest confident that your money will be in the wager hands of the market.

Though it is operating under the management. And management of the Aviva Amerus life insurance for seniors over 75 company policy group. The AmerUs annuity items are as much in requirement as ever.

Hence, it is obvious that AmerUs Annuities are preferred in the plan market. And will stay so for a long period to come. 

AmerUs Life Insurance Company Quotes

AmerUs Life Insurance Company (now called Aviva Life and Annuity Company) offers a number of life insurance products that can help someone establish financial security for the future in case of an unexpected death.

Some of the products the company offers in the US are Indexed Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Single Premium Life, Indexed Survivor Universal Life, Level Premium Term Insurance, and Excess Interest Whole Life Insurance.

AmerUs Life Insurance Company Quotes
AmerUs Life Insurance Company Quotes
  • Index Life Insurance: This type of life insurance provides people with flexible payment options and death benefits. What’s nice about this type of policy is that it provides cash value accumulation based on how major market indices grow.
    • It is also worth noting that this type of policy protects it from the risk of market declines and index declines. The policy’s death benefit may be extended for the lifetime of the insured by purchasing what Aviva calls a “No Boll Rider” in the “Advantage Builder” portion of the policy.
  • Universal Life Insurance: This type of life insurance is a very common type of whole life insurance in the US market.
    • This type of policy actually specifies how much the policy’s beneficiaries receive within certain minimum and maximum limits. This allows policyholders to actually purchase their preferred life insurance amount.
  • Single Premium Life: This type of insurance is unique in that it pays only one premium for a death benefit that will actually last a lifetime. It is primarily designed for individuals who have savings or need cash in an emergency.
  • Indexed Survivor Universal Life: AmerUs life insurance company is one that insures the lives of two people (more than couples) and pays benefits after the death of the second person.
    • That is, if the husband dies before the wife, the policy is not reimbursed to the beneficiaries. It also has the potential to accumulate cash value that will eventually be given to beneficiaries after the two insured persons die.
  • Level Premium Term Insurance: Perhaps the most popular type of life insurance in the United States because it is not permanent. This type of insurance simply allows the policyholder to be protected for a specific period of time.
    • At AmerUS (now Aviva), people can buy 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, or 30-year term policies depending on their needs. This type of insurance does not accrue a cash value, but in the event of the death of the insured, the amount purchased by the insured is paid to the beneficiary.
  • Excess Interest Whole Life Insurance: There is a product to help professionals, business owners, individuals, and executives get what they need in the life insurance industry. This type of policy provides a fixed premium and guarantees a death benefit.

AmerUs Life Insurance Company Phone Number

AmerUS Life Insurance Company is the leading provider of life insurance policies in the United States.

Their main website informs customers that the company started in 1896 when it was founded as the Central Life Assurance Company.

The company itself didn’t grow much from the start, but over the years it got the people it needed to run properly and become a major life insurance company in the United States.

Active Hour
9 am – 5 pm
Monday To Friday

Phone: 1-888-441-7891

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened to AmerUs Life Insurance Company?

On November 15, 2006, AmerUs Group, Co. was acquired by Aviva plc. On November 1, 2007, the company changed its name to Aviva Life and Annuity Company.

Can I get my money back on an expired life insurance policy?

The company does not refund premiums if you outlive the term policy unless you purchase a “premium return” policy or rider. Your life insurance company must refund your premium if it refuses to pay you during the two-year period during which the cause of death could be investigated.

How Long Should I Hold My Life Insurance Before Paying Off?

A waiting period of two years is common but can be up to four years.

What if I am still alive after life insurance?

After the term life insurance policy expires, the family will not receive death benefits and will need a replacement policy to continue coverage. You can convert your policy to a whole-life policy or purchase a new term policy to replace your coverage. You may not need new coverage if you have no financial dependents.

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